Business Retention and Expansion

PA Business Retention & Expansion Program
Critical to the success of the Erie Regional Chamber as the “gateway” into the Erie County economic development system are the activities of four (4) Economic Development Specialists who represent the PA Business Retention & Expansion Program. Each Specialist calls on existing companies in a proactive, systematic manner working with the company’s CEO to identify and align programs that address the company’s needs and speed the realization of new job creation and investment.

Each Economic Development Specialist is responsible for connecting the company with the appropriate organization or program that can address its need(s). Each Economic Development Specialist will serve as a source for additional information and trouble-shooting throughout the entire assistance process—and into the future. The goal for the four Specialists is to annually call on over 1000 businesses and provide case management assistance to all viable prospects.

Corporate Visitation Program
The purpose of this program is to build and foster positive relationships with executives at the corporate parent headquarters of businesses that have local operations in Erie County. The goal is to retain existing employment and to position the respective Erie facility for future growth and expansion opportunities.

Objectives of the program include:

  • To thank the company for being an important and valued member of the Erie community
  • To demonstrate support for the company and its Erie operation
  • To build and cultivate positive relationships with corporate executives
  • To promote a positive progressive image of Erie
  • To display a positive relationship exists between Erie’s public and private sectors
  • To reveal a proactive approach to investors in Erie County
  • To educate executives at the corporate parent about available resources within the Economic Development System
  • To inform corporate executives of successes, projects and events within Erie County

Economic Development

The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is lead economic development agency. The goal at the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is to retain and create family-sustaining jobs while promoting investment in Erie County. As such, our organization actively promotes effective economic development programs tailored to address the competitive realities affecting our region. We understand the importance of a comprehensive network of partners offering a complement of programs and why these partnerships are critical to the success of our region’s economic development efforts. This is why the Erie Regional Chamber has been identified as the lead coordinating agency for Erie County’s economic development network of organizations and programs.

To listen to recent interviews about the economic development programs offered by and supported by the Erie Regional Chamber, click here

Private/Public Partnership
The most successful economic development programs in the country involve a private/public partnership – that is, a partnership lead by the private sector, financed by both the private and public sector, and supported politically by the public sector. In Erie County, the Erie Regional Chamber will be the lead organization with financial support from the private sector matched by funding support through Erie County, the City of Erie, the Commonwealth of PA, Erie Community Foundation, and other regional, state, and federal organizations when appropriate.