Economic Development

The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is lead economic development agency. The goal at the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is to retain and create family-sustaining jobs while promoting investment in Erie County. As such, our organization actively promotes effective economic development programs tailored to address the competitive realities affecting our region. We understand the importance of a comprehensive network of partners offering a complement of programs and why these partnerships are critical to the success of our region’s economic development efforts. This is why the Erie Regional Chamber has been identified as the lead coordinating agency for Erie County’s economic development network of organizations and programs.

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Private/Public Partnership
The most successful economic development programs in the country involve a private/public partnership – that is, a partnership lead by the private sector, financed by both the private and public sector, and supported politically by the public sector. In Erie County, the Erie Regional Chamber will be the lead organization with financial support from the private sector matched by funding support through Erie County, the City of Erie, the Commonwealth of PA, Erie Community Foundation, and other regional, state, and federal organizations when appropriate.