Reasons To Invest In Bay Colony Naples Real Estate

When you have been looking at Naples in Florida, there is a place called Bay colony that you ought to consider. It’s one of these destinations where you will be able to find a luxury home and also enjoy the golfing. This is one of the more exclusive areas, especially with the homes that are closest to the Gulf of Mexico. If you would like to spend a little bit of time looking at houses, you can find a realtor like: that can show you. They are always ready and willing to help new clients. These are expensive, but it is because of this that you will be in one of the more exclusive areas. Best of all, you will have one of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Naples to play on if you can get a membership.

Why Do Many People Recommend Naples?

Some so many people recommend Naples as a place to live. It is on the West Coast of Florida. Although the city itself is relatively affluent, it is the golfing communities where you will always find people that are exceptionally wealthy. If you also have quite a bit of money to spend or a sizable retirement, golfing communities might be precisely what you are looking for. If you would like to move into one of these communities, Bay Colony is the place that you ought to be. More details are in Shannon Lefevre – Bay Colony Past Sales

Why Do Many People Like Bay Colony?

The colony is a very exclusive place that is also extremely expensive. For example, if you are one of the 300 people that are allowed to have a golf membership, it will cost you $250,000 to get in. In addition to this, there are annual dues of just over $12,000, and a social membership fee of $20,000. However, for that price, you are going to be provided with so many amenities that are not available with other country clubs.

What Type Of A Golf Course Do They Have?

This is a lovely 72 par 18 hole golf course that is adjacent to the country club that is there. It is over 7000 yards and has one extremely long tee, plus some of the most challenging holes to navigate and all of Naples. Once you are done, you will be able to experience the country club that is close by. However, while you are golfing, you will be golfing through areas where there are pristine greens, freshwater lakes, and royal palm trees.

How Large Is A Country Club?

The country club is quite large at nearly 35,000 square feet. It is more than large enough for the 300 members that can golf there. People that play at this golf course are not necessarily residents. There are under 100 homes, each of which is priced at over $2 million. Therefore, when you are playing with people, they will be of your caliber. They will likely have just as much money as you or perhaps more. The country club is designed to accommodate people that expect the best. This is why there is such a sizable fee to allow you to play golf with all of these other individuals.

How Can You Find Out About Real Estate There?

The real estate that is there is tough to come by. These are all expensive homes, and when one does come available, there are multiple bids on it every time. In fact, you will probably get into a bidding war with other people that would also like to have a home in this community. Part of the attraction, other than the fact that only affluent people can be there, is the quality of the workmanship that goes into every one of these homes. You should start to work with the realtor that can alert you to when these do come available. You can then play sure offer as soon it is on the market.

Why Is The Golf Course So Good?

The golf course is exceptional for several reasons. It was made by Robert von Hagge. He is an individual that is well-known for being able to produce some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. When you see the entirety of the golf course, you will understand why it is so exclusive. He has combined all of the natural features of the area into the perfect balance of a golf course and the surrounding area. It is a work of art, and that is precisely what you will get access to when you can get a membership at this exclusive golf country club.

If you have not decided on a place to live at in Naples, definitely consider Bay Colony. It is going to provide you with so many amenities, and because of the high price, it is likely that you will have a chance to get in if you can afford to. The combination of the country club along with the golf course is a prime motivator for many. If you are an enthusiast of the game, and you are retired with only time on your hands, definitely consider speaking with representatives of Bay Colony to find out about golf memberships and homes that are currently on the market.